Frequently asked Questions

Step 1: Place your ad

Place a FREE advertisement at PETCARE24 which you can tailor to your individual requirements with our rich text editor. Specify which animals you want to care for, where you are located and to which extent the care should take place.

If we do not receive any further queries, your ad will be posted as soon as we review it. The duration is eight weeks.

Step 2: Receive applications

Applicants will automatically be informed of your ad and can apply directly to you via PETCARE24. Your advantage at PETCARE24 is that you can await the response from the applicants free of charge, without commiting.

Get a first impression of the applicants by viewing their profiles and easily manage the applications. You will receive information about the qualifications as well as experience and background.

Step 3: Get to know your applicants

You have full access to the contact details when receiving an application via your ad.

Step 4: Select applicant

Contact interesting applicants and invite them to get to know you and your pet. As soon as you have made your choice, PETCARE24 has done its job and wishes you a great cooperation! 

It’s easy: just go to PETCARE24 to create an advertisement. Thanks to our large pool of applicants, you may receive first reactions in a very short time.

In large cities, you will receive the first applications from interested private individuals or companies on the day of the publication of your ad – sometimes within a few hours.

Otherwise, in most cases, the first prospective bidders will apply to your ad within a few days.

If, contrary to our expectations, none of our applicants meet your expectations, our PETCARE24 success promise will take affect. Simply contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +41 (0) 76 309 90 90. We will then find a solution for your case.

We want you to get in touch with private individuals and companies that best meet your individual requirements.

Your are free to use PETCARE24 without any costs. You can

  • Post jobs
  • Receive requests
  • View Profiles
  • View Jobs

Our platform is free; animal care is usually not. PETCARE24 has no affect on the hourly wage as this is usually arranged by the two parties.

To get the highest possible applicant resonance, give the potential caretakers the most “accurate picture” of the job. Try to fill as many of the provided fields as possible with as much information as possible. Including pictures makes your ad much more attractive. 

When creating a job, we publish the name you provided, the location you provided, photos you uploaded and any public profile you linked to. We WILL NOT make your Email address public. When you create a Pet-Sitter profile, we will publish any information you give us, except your email address. When a Pet-Sitter contacts a Job-owner via the contact form, the email address of the pet-sitter is provided as a mean of direct contact.

At PETCARE24 you can find a caretaker for almost any pet. Frequently there is a need for a dog sitter or cat sitter. If you are looking for an animal care for your rodents (eg hamsters or mice), birds, fish, reptiles or even farm animals, you can also post an advertisement.

Our registered caretakers offer both daily and hourly rates or can take care of your pet for longer periods, for example, if you are traveling.

You can specify the desired care location directly in your ad. Thanks to our large database, you can find PETCARE24 private individuals and companies who are in your area and are happy to come to your home or have their own rooms to provide care.

Especially when a holiday is planned, a suitable care for the beloved pet is often sought.

PETCARE24 also offers animal sitters which take care of your dog or cat over a longer period of time – thus also ensuring care overnight. When posting an ad, indicate whether the care is taken at your home or your pet is kept at the animal sitter.

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